• High Quality Solar Panels
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance Batteries
  • Innovative Digital Meters
  • Excellent Support/After Sales Service
  • 25 years Customer Relationship Guarantee
  • System Maintenance Training



Sunblaze Solar Systems has been founded with the sole purpose of harnessing the free solar energy and generate electricity for both industrial and household uses. Our installations are planned in such a way that we make your dependence on electricity suppliers to zero.

By providing cost effective and high quality solar equipments, accurate scientific installations and world class after sales service and support, we ensure that our customers are a happy lot for many years to come. Our assured relationship with our customers will be approximately equal to the total lifetime of a solar installation, which would work out to a minimum of 25 years.

Sunblaze Solar Systems is probably the first solar company in the WORLD to do a 440 Volts DC circuit using Solar Panels and Batteries. This 440 Volts DC current gets converted to 3 Phase 440 Volts AC current, which can then be used to run any type of motor driven industries, can give solar power during the day and backup during power cuts in the night for a 50 flats apartment and remove the generators completely, power up a mid size hospital using solar power and a lot of other industrial and critical services.

Green Energy Pledge

Green Energy Pledge

By removing dependency on conventional power sources like coal fired thermal plants and nuclear power plants, we ensure that our goal of protecting nature by minimizing the usage of deplete able and dangerous sources of electric power generation is achieved.


Sunblaze Solar Systems is geared up to become a full fledged manufacturer of end to end components used in the building of potentially the best roof-top solar systems in the world in terms of cost, efficiency and quality. Both Local and Global Investors are invited to partner with us in this noble and lucrative business en-devour. Contact with proposals.
- June 21st, 2014


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